Our Services

Our Services

Complex and Professional Services

We provide project-based support, ad hoc hourly assistance or ongoing regular support.

  • US private equity documentation for venture capital firms, private individuals and Alternative Investment Funds. We are experienced working with:
    • SAFEs, Convertible Notes, Co-Sale Agreements, Preferred. Equity Agreements, Subscription Review and Follow-up, AML/KYC Review, Secondary Transfers, Securities Filings, and Closing Processes/Packages.
  • Cap Table Management (including side letter organisation/administration).
  • Financial modelling, financial analysis of acquisition targets and industries.
  • Litigation support.
  • US SEC Compliance Manuals, ADVs, annual and quarterly securities filings.
  • Due Diligence.

General Support Services

We excel at niche, complex and sophisticated work. We design each piece of work or project according to your needs.

  • Assisting with commercial legal documents, including Master Services Agreement , Terms of Business, Website T&C, Cookie and Privacy Policy.
  • Reviewing, summarising, analysing and collating NDAs, lease abstraction, legal case summaries, RFP support, software licenses and more.
  • Creating internal contract and data management databases, workflows and legal process design.
  • Governance documents including board minutes and resolutions, recovery programs, codes of ethics, Anti-Money Laundering processes, data privacy policies, data breach notification, anti-money laundering, employment manuals, policies and procedures.
  • Accounting and reconciliation, book-keeping, CPA finance support and data entry.
  • Pitch decks and other creative services, including website design, style guides, branding and logo design.
  • Process assessment and improvement.

Build Your Own Offshore Team

The simple solution to scaling your business at a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Get an immediate extension of your team without the logistical issues, risks, delays or costs of setting up your own branch office.
  • We create job descriptions based on your requirements, find, interview and hire the best local talent on your behalf.
  • We’ve hired: financial analysts, accountants, graphic designers, lawyers, paralegals, and executive assistants.
Whatever your pain point, let us solve it for you.

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